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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Published October 5, 2021
Imagine if there was a way to accumulate wealth, make purchases online and invest globally without the constraints of traditional money. Think about how straightforward business transactions could be without exchange rates and long delays. Fortunately, there is a new modern currency that offers the above and much more. Cryptocurrency surfaced over a decade ago and has been gaining followers and enthusiasts ever since. There are some distinct advantages to cryptocurrency, or crypto, over traditional money. So, what can you expect if you’re new to the world of digital money?

So, What Is It?

Cryptocurrency is the modern form of payment option when purchasing either goods or services digitally. Instead of physical paper bills and coins, cryptocurrency exists virtually and is accepted by more and more companies each day. One of the most popular and recognized forms of crypto is Bitcoin. However, many choices provide solid financial options.

Among the many benefits of cryptocurrency is the increased security offered and less involvement from the world’s central banking institution. For example, you can exchange Bitcoin over secure peer-to-peer networks without involving anyone else.

You’ll find a variety of approaches to the cryptocurrency market, such as investors referred to as diamond hands. The diamond hands term describes an investor that is steadfast in their investment regardless of the market swing. Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency market couldn’t help but jump on board after popularity surged for fear of missing out or FOMO.

One of the most used terms, HODL, actually stems from a typo by one user before becoming part of the popular lingo. When a cryptocurrency investor uses the term HODL, they indicate they will hold onto their investment despite a downturn.

The Future of Crypto Is Now - Don't Miss It!

With so many advantages and millions of people freely investing and exchanging cryptocurrency, its use and prevalence are only going up. With several digital currencies to choose from, advanced security measures, and a move away from the intrusive central banks, cryptocurrency is proving to be an excellent investment for many.

At Black Swan Bitcoin, we can have you investing in cryptocurrency quickly with conveniently located near you. Exchange physical cash for Bitcoin, and join in the new digital market today. So, what is cryptocurrency? It’s your “ticket” for profitable investment opportunities!
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